Sunday, July 31, 2011

Papa John's Pizza- Just For a Change...

It has always been Domino's or Pizza Hut for a common Malaysian family when it comes to pizza, so why not try Papa John's for a change. I have seen some reviews that say that Papa John's Pizza is not as nice as the other two giants. But to me it is a matter of taste.

So what makes Papa John’s Pizzas taste so good?  I love the generous serving of their complimentary garlic butter and pizza sauce which came with each order. Thank god,  they don’t charge extra for requesting additional sauces. While some people may want to dip their bite size crust into the sauce, others love to gobble up my pizza with the sauces on the toppings. I however, like to dip my breadstix into the sauce for ultimate satisfaction. Papa John's Breadstix taste way better than Pizza Huts.
Garlic Butter Sauce

Pizza Sauce

Dip and Enjoy!
The menu boast a selection of different types of pizzas. I do like the pizza here, because the crust is just nice, neither too thick nor too thin. In addition to that, I found the pizza less greasy. Below were the pizzas we had the other day.

They also have this pickled jalapeno pepper (I think). Sorry...i bit off the tip...hehehe...

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